Dear List,

Taking the opportunity of Suzy's discussion, and hopefully linking with her research into collaborative practices, CRUMB is delighted to announce a series of interviews conducted by Marialaura Ghidini that  will be presented fortnightly on the CRUMB website from today.

Over the past two years Ghidini has interviewed  a range of arts practitioners to explore the realities and evolution of producing and publishing online (and off).

The series starts with artist and media critic, Alessandro Ludovico, editor in chief of Neural magazine (1993-) with whom Ghidini discussed publishing and how artists have explored it through using network and computational processes. Starting from Ludovico's work as an editor, they talked about how this role is changing in relation to technological developments, its hybridity and relationships with curating and exhibition making. 

You can find the interview on the the CRUMB website,

Happy reading.

Very best,
Marialaura and the CRUMB team.