Dear colleagues

One of the best libraries on history of science, technology and medicine 
in Spain is now being divided in two parts due to unfortunate decisions 
of small time politicians. It is an unnecessary collateral damage 
following the closing of the Institute for the History of Science and 
Medicine "López Piñero" in Valencia. The library gathers around 12,000 
books and half a hundred journals -- including the most famous journals 
on history of medicine and science. A recent agreement between two 
institutions includes the split of the journal collection in two parts: 
the first part, the oldest one, will remain in Valencia, while the 
issues published after 2000 will be transported to Madrid. It is true 
that the role of paper copies in the age of electronic reproduction is 
limited -- but the division of the collection transforms the two parts 
in incomplete collections with no value at all. Being the two divorced 
institutions public libraries, you can imagine what a non-sense is the 
transport of paper volumes from one place to another when digital 
versions are available online. For instance, in the case of journal 
/Ambix/, the numbers from 1937 to 1999 will remain in Valencia, the 
issues published between 2000 and 2010 will be moved to Madrid, and the 
issues published after 2010 (which I am donating to the library) will 
remain in Valencia. Similar crazy situations can be found in other 

We can still revert this situation. We have received the support of many 
colleagues, institutions and academic societies during the last two 
weeks. A website in is now available (texts in Spanish and 
English) and the number of signatures is growing up:

   Against the division of the library of the López Piñero Institute


You can also send your views to me ([log in to unmask] 
<mailto:[log in to unmask]>) or to the people who decided the split: 
([log in to unmask] <mailto:[log in to unmask]> -- Pilar Campins, she 
is a chemist, now vice-chancellor of the University of Valencia; Emilio 
Lora-Tamayo <[log in to unmask]>, he is a physicist, now 
president of Spanish Research Council) Please send me a copy of the 
emails to me, just to keep record.

Thanks in advance for your collaboration against this irrational and 
unnecessary damage of public goods concerning history of science.

Best wishes

José R. Bertomeu

(With apologies for cross-posting)

PD: You can get more information (in Spanish) in this newspaper:

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