Hi Alison,

Responses for Brighton are below:

1.  Not yet, but it's currently an area of discussion.
2.  We don't have a data management policy but, like you, we have security policies which cover data security.
3.  No. We have a Management Information expertise group (practitioners) but no governance group at the moment.
4.  We have the beginnings of an enterprise data warehouse - it's early days for us but we have started to bring in data from our systems, initially the student records system.
5.  We have Qlikview and Business Objects. So far, Qlikview has been the main tool for new MI developments with Business Objects used more for operational reporting.
6.  We have a Head of MI in Strategic Planing (a relatively new role) and a BI team within IT Services. Also several other groups have reporting functions (student data, Finance, HR).


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Dear All


We are currently in the process of creating a Reporting Policy for our institution. We have inevitably ended up also talking about data and its management and I wanted to find out a bit about how other universities handle this. I therefore have a couple of questions and I would be really grateful to receive any responses from you on these. I am happy to collate the answers and share them (as long as each respondent is happy for me to do so) if they seem to be a useful set of information.


1.       Do you have a reporting policy or reporting strategy? If so, how was this implemented?

2.       Do you have a data management policy? For example something that deals with how data is owned, which data source is definitive for pieces of data, how data flows, data security and access.

3.       Do you have a Master data management committee or a similar group who oversee governance of data at an institutional level? Who sits on this committee (i.e. what level of role and what areas are represented)?

4.       Do you have an enterprise data warehouse?

5.       Do you use a specific reporting tool or tool for Management Information (rather than operational reporting)? For example, Qlikview, Tableau, Business Objects (it may be more than one)

6.       Do you have a Management Information or Business Intelligence function within your institution? For example, as part of the planning team.


Just for information here are my answers to the above:


1.       We are in the process of developing a policy and also a plan to implement that policy. It will be closely linked to the KPIs and objectives outlined in our strategic plan but will also cover performance indicators at lower levels.

2.       We donít have a data management policy as such but we have some policies around data security for example.

3.       We are considering the development of a Master data management committee as a result of our work on developing a reporting policy but we donít have one yet.

4.       We donít have an enterprise data warehouse

5.       We use Qlikview and Business Objects for reporting in addition to the reports produced by transactional systems.

6.       MI is produced centrally by our Strategic Development Unit Ė but we also have pockets of MI reporters across the institution (e.g. student data, finance data, HR data Ė all produced locally and sometimes coordinated centrally).



Thank you in advance for your help.




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