Mid Afternoon Map just had an article on this issue. I haven't read it yet, but you may want to check it out.


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Thanks to those who replied confirming the unclear nature of this case.

Is anyone else able to offer any insight into Turkey's claim of sovereignty over the tomb? Are any other country's governments on record endorsing or rejecting the claim?

I've been unable to find anything of the sort, even on the part of Syria itself.


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I am curious whether any of you know something about the legal context of the "exclave" surrounding the Tomb of Suleyman Shah, which made the news this week after Turkey launched a major military incursion into Syria to evacuate and relocate the tomb.

The Turkish government apparently considers the land on which the tomb was located to be sovereign territory of Turkey, and the international news media for its part seems largely to take this claim for granted.

However, the relevant treaty, frequently cited for claiming the exclave as Turkish territory, only says that the land is Turkey's "property" (with the additional rights to post guards and fly the Turkish flag). Is this perhaps then a case of extraterritoriality rather than sovereignty, meaning that Turkey's claim to sovereignty over the exclave is unilateral and perhaps disputed?

I would very much like to know, at least, the official positions of countries other than Turkey on the matter, but I have been unable to find anything of the sort online.

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