For the past 4 years, my colleague and I have been working as designer/researchers in the subject of Participatory Design(ing) together with people with dementia. Parallel to carrying out research and designing artefacts for individuals with dementia both in the home and in care facilities, we have shared this with our students (graphic design, digital design, photography, product design and game design) at the LUCA School of Arts from the University of Leuven in Genk, Belgium.

In September of 2015, with funding provided by the Robert BOSCH Stiftung, we will take this educational module further afield, specifically to Germany where we will, over the course of two years share this process with 6 German design schools within (applied) universities. Additionally, we will be hosting two workshop events at a central location in Germany and will create a publication on the design process.

Fully funded by the Robert Bosch Stiftung, our support teaching, including production costs for students as well as funding for schools to attend the project's events is covered in the funding.

We are looking for design schools within universities in Germany who want to participate. To participate it is required that at least 1 or 2 enthusiastic design professors/lecturers participate along with their students, so that the knowledge gathered is also shared at an academic level. In addition, it is required that the professors/lecturers also share their student’s work and experience with other lecturers at an annual event. Funding to attend this event is also included.

This opportunity is open for German design schools within (applied) universities focusing on everything from graphic design to interface design to service design, to product design. Schools with a focus on technical design applications are also welcome. Please share this within your wider network.

We've also placed this 'letter' on our project's future website: which might be better for emailing colleagues you know in German design schools.

If your school is interested or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Andrea Wilkinson
Guest Professor: Graphic Design & Communication, Media and Design
Researcher: Interactions/Social Spaces Research Group
LUCA School of Arts, University of Leuven, Campus C-Mine, Genk
PhD Student: University of Leeds, School of Design
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+32/492 94.68.44

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