To all

As some of you remember, since almost a year I have relocated here in
Rwanda, from Canada, and I am actively involved in developing this country
floriculture industry.

​One of the urgent problem we are facing now, is packaging material for cut
flowers as well as for other horticulture harvests. As yet, there is​ no
flower packaging industry operating in this country. And of course no
design professionals, in all fields including research, are available
around to tackle the problems related to packaging for local and for export
markets. Major problems here are those specific to a land-locked tropical
country, relatively away of the main world business centres.

Would anyone among list members know, and/or have ever worked on this issue
and be prepared to share results and insights? Would anyone among aspiring
PhD candidates pick this challenge and develop a thorough study on the
issue, a study I am sure many others elsewhere will benefit from?

​Many thanks in advance!

Kigali, Rwanda​

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