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> The development of design activity over time can be seen in terms of a bigger picture that includes all and everything that influences how design activity is undertaken. 

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> Anyone, anywhere and anytime can map any realm of design activity onto Beer's VSM, identify the pathologies and act to influence improved development of design in that realm by acting to reduce those pathologies. 
> I described in the earlier posts how mapping various realms of design activity showed a general pattern of weakness in design organisations in systems elements 2, 3, 3*, 4 and 5 of Beer's VSM. 

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> Developing new strategies to provide information from the different technical and non-technical streams of design practices to provide information to the business managers of design organisations would assist with developing and strengthening systems element 3*.
> Working to gather information from outside of design realms and analyse its potential for improving how design activity might be undertaken or improving design outcomes would provide new information to guide strategy-making and business development. That is, it would strengthen system element 4 in Beer's VSM.

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> Beer's VSM provides a very clear visual representation for designers of what is needed for highly complex situations to be viable, including the combination of formal and informal organisational structures that deliver designs.
> I suggest Beer's VSM is a tool that can be used by almost anyone to identify ways of improving design outcomes and the viability of their design-related organisation, and acting to improve the viability of that organisation. 

Dear Terry,

I'm sorry, but this is exactly the sort of byzantine arguments that give that pejorative slant to the word "Academic". Maybe you didn't noticed, but what you are saying is basically:

1. Design activity is related to everything
2. Beer's VSM can be applied to everything
2. Everything is wrong in design organisations

I might be wrong myself, but I don't think humanity needs scholars to tell us that everything is related to everything, nor that everything is wrong.

I guess in the end your message was simple, and it would be likely better worded as:

"People: go get more information and inspiration from outside your safe little environment, if you want to stay relevant."

...instead of this lengthy and confusing stream of text.
May I suggested you start by applying VSM to your communications?
You might find your Latency to be outside acceptable boundaries.
Consider this an algedonic alert. ;)

Have a great weekend,

Carlos Pires

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