On 2015-02-09 02:06, Alejandra Poblete wrote:
> Dear Carlos (and all), I think VSM is very useful to "the design field 
> as a
> whole".
> A conception originated outside Design discipline, that approaches 
> problems
> in a way where any aspect is connected with others as a whole system... 
> I
> think Design discipline is deeply attached with systems. In fact, when
> designers proceed —within the design process— they can't neglect or 
> elude
> that they are creating something that is part of a system, a very 
> complex
> system where every decision is crucial for the whole system.
> At least, VSM is a useful conceptual tool for designers.
> best regards

Dear Alejandra,

I'm sorry for wording it wrong.
I shouldn't have said it is "useless". What I was thinking is that it is 
useless as Terry framed it.
I really do think it is useful, but just as much as operations research, 
for instance.

Of course nobody can deny the systemic nature of design.
However, the "whole system" is unfathomable, and models are just that: 
models, by definition incomplete.

Best regards,


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