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(im)Possible Futures Festival
& conference: Does It Matter?

(im)Possible Futures Festival
11 – 21 March 2015
Arts center Vooruit & CAMPO
Ghent, Belgium

Does It Matter? Composite Bodies & Posthuman Prototypes in Contemporary Performing Arts
17 – 19 March 2015
Ghent University, Belgium

Pointing their eyes towards the future, Ghent-based art centers Vooruit and Campo together with research center S:PAM (Studies in Performing Arts & Media, Ghent University) team up in a unique collaboration to compose a ten-day festival and a three-day conference.

Here’s an overview of the full program:

(im)Possible Futures Festival
11 – 21 MARCH 2015
Arts center Vooruit & CAMPO (Ghent, Belgium)

During (im)Possible Futures, the art center Vooruit and CAMPO embark on a quest for the boundaries of imagination, removing blinders, thinking out of the box and turning jammers on or off. In times in which we seem to roll from one crisis into the next, the importance of imagination remains more crucial than ever.

(im)Possible Futures brakes free from the boundaries of our stages, taking to the streets, setting up our own school and enriching the nightlife. (im)Possible Futures is an attempt at defining the role of art and ideas during a time in which they seem to fall short on their power to change the world. The festival doesn’t claim to have all the answers but is an invitation to join in an exercise of the imagination: how (im)possible can the future be?

With: The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination, Andros Zins-Browne, Robbert & Frank/Frank & Robbert, Ful & The Knife, Kim Noble, Micha Goldberg & Sophia Rodriguez, Kapwani Kiwanga, Nastio Mosquito, Michiel Vandevelde, Pieter Van den Bosch, Brian Lobel, Dave Eggers, Ariel Pink, …

More information: impossiblefutures.be

11 – 21 MARCH 2015
Art center Vooruit & CAMPO (Ghent, Belgium)

During the festival, we set up our own '(im)Possible School' where captivating speakers start conversations with students, the audience, passers-by… during inspiring lectures, instructive lessons, intense arguments, lively discussions and active workshops.

During a number of 'sessions' or workshops artists give creative and interactive interpretation to subjects like the city and public space, privacy, the economy, activism, etc.

Labofii, for example, hosts '#hackop', a hackaton in which they want to initiate a new form of disobedient action in the lead up to the Paris COP21 Climate Summit: the Climate Games. The goal: transforming the city into the playing field of a mass disobedience action.

In 'Drifting Right' Deborah Pearson, who defines herself as rather leftist and progressive, gets into a canoe with a conservative voter. Her aim is to establish a cross-political dialogue, exchanging views in a peaceful manner.

During a number of 'lessons' speakers give lectures about captivating topics and start a discussion among themselves (and with the audience). With visual artist Philip Aguirre about his 'Thêatre-source’ in Africa, lectures about economic growth, and author Dave Eggers about contemporary human rights issues.

More information: impossiblefutures.be/en/category/impossible_school

Does It Matter? Composite Bodies & Posthuman Prototypes in Contemporary Performing Arts
17 – 19 MARCH 2015
Ghent University, Belgium

Research center S:PAM (Studies in Performing Arts & Media, Ghent University) organizes an international conference, in collaboration with (im)Possible Futures, in which they bring the arts and the academic world together. For three days you can attend lectures, workshops, statements and performances at various locations, offering a posthumanist perspective on the performing arts.

Confirmed keynote speakers are Mylène Benoit, Maaike Bleeker, Matthew Causey, Peter Eckersall, André Lepecki, Jean Paul Van Bendegem & Kris Verdonck.

Full program and online registration: www.doesitmatter.ugent.be


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