Well said, Bill - it speaks.

At the end, with its advice to defer activity, the wit  ‘put plans on ice’ covers
a shift perhaps - the lines above don’t show postponement or the opposite.

The headache seems inevitable however still one sits.

M in Seattle

On Jan 7, 2015, at 7:12 AM, Bill Wootton <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> There is a price 
> You can avoid sun-sourced heat.
> Shut it out, the civilised way.
> Sit in air-conditioned rooms,
> in cooled car capsules,
> in shopping centres.
> And you appear to have won out. 
> You do not sweat. You move
> with apparent impunity.
> Plants wilt outside but what
> do you care behind your window?
> Ha! How is your head
> the next day? Even though
> not a drop of alcohol has
> brushed your lips. Your limbs,
> your core, your chi, all sapped.
> You feel as if you have been run
> over by a truck. And you have. 
> The temperature truck.
> Put those active 
> plans on ice.
> bw