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You may have heard the discussions today on the radio/TV on asthma. Attached is the draft NICE guidelines on the Clinical guideline Methods, evidence and recommendations - January 2015.


The aim of this guideline is to determine the most clinical and cost-effective way to effectively diagnose people with asthma and determine the most effective monitoring strategy to ensure optimum asthma control. The scope of this guideline covers the diagnosis and monitoring of asthma and excludes other aspects of management. This is because there is evidence that incorrect diagnosis is a significant problem. This guideline covers infants and young children 0–5 years old, children 5–16 years old and adults over the age of 16 who are being investigated for suspected asthma, or who have been diagnosed with asthma and are having their condition monitored. The guideline applies to all primary, secondary and community care settings in which NHS-funded care is provided for people with asthma.


There is a section on occupational asthma.


Please see the following link for further information. I have also attached the guidance.








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