Wow, It's a bit of a problem if a student at Birkbeck University hadn't found out or been told about the readily accessible HERs all across the country. 
Kim Biddulph
Director, Schools Prehistory 

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Subject: Archaeology UK website.

Hi All
We have recently received a heritage statement which instead of including HER information, it included information from a website called: Archaeology UK
I have never heard of this but there is a subscription to pay for access to the data and it seems to be a little more than information from personal communications and local journals. Have any of you had any experience of this website and where the information comes from?
We are obviously enforcing the consultation of the HER in line with the NPPF but it did seem a little worrying that we seem to have a  type of ‘competitor’ in loose terms and obviously this website is not going to be as up to date as the HER and is not acceptable as a substitute for the HER.
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You can now request and pay for HER searches for via our new online system at

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