the caveats were listed in the announcement displayed at the start of the screencast.
I don't do audio in screencasts, it takes me long enough to properly record one without audio B-).

Some of the feautures demoed will not be available:

as for the copy behaviour, the hack is purely client-side, it's not aware of the content type's entitlements on the server...
it uses a whitelist to determine which content types can be copied (before applying this hack, the whitelist may have to be -and can easily be- adapted to the content types available in your setup).


On 14/01/2015 8:24, Stephen P Vickers wrote:
[log in to unmask]" type="cite">Bert, nice work.  You said "caveats mentioned in the screencast" in your email below; does this mean there is an audio track on the screencast? I have not been able to get any audio in any of my players.

Does the code honour the copy status of a content item; for example, when it comes from a building block which contains <can-copy value="false" /> in its manifest?



On 14/01/2015 18:38, bert coenen wrote:
Hi Ashley,
The screencast was recorded in the april release.
I tested the hack/modification (What's in a name? That which we call a
hack by any other name would still be, well, a hack;) on a clean
out-of-the-box installation using jsHack.
Apart from the caveats mentioned in the screencast, it worked as well as
the version we have on our test-servers - which is not deployed using

On 14/01/2015 1:15, Ashley Wright wrote:
Hi Bert,

Thanks for this. What version of Bb are you using in the Screencast
and will it still work ok on the April 2014 version?

With best wishes,

Ashley Wright

Development Officer,
Learning & Teaching Development Service-

Tel (Direct line): +44 (0)191 208 5565

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dear lists (sorry for cross-posting),

following up on my mail from a couple of weeks ago, I'd like to find
some testers.

we've developed an entirely javascript-based enhancement that will allow
course or organisation administrators to drag and drop content items
around within their courses or organisations.
not dragging and dropping to change the position of items on the page,
but to actually move them in the course structure.

I've just finished rewriting the code to make it work in jsHack, so if
anyone's interested in testing, just let me know, I'll send you the code
and some instructions.
you can see the enhancement in action here:

the behind-the-scenes is not very pretty; if Blackboard would develop
this server-side, they could do it a lot better with a lot less effort.
frankly, it's beyond me why they haven't developed this -like- 5 years