I was just looking to repeat this idea and I wondered if you did carry 
this out, what did you decide to use and how well did it go down with 
the students?


On 17/09/2014 18:36, Oliver Lister wrote:
> Dear all,
> My A2 students are currently learning about prehistoric hunting and
> gathering - we've recently looked at a couple of case studies of drive
> sites and buffalo jumps. The group has discussed the evidence for storage
> practices at these sites, e.g. making pemmican.
> As a Friday 'treat' I'm going to bring in some dried meat (biltong or
> whatever Selfridges at the Trafford Centre have got in their deli that
> might work as a substitute!) for them to try, but it occured to me today
> that this is doing a massive disservice to the vegetarians in the group as
> well as not being entirely representative of diets in the past.
> Therefore...has anyone any suggestions for an interesting
> food/fruit/vegetable/cereal that I can get hold of for a sort of 'taster'
> session? Has anyone done anything similar?
> Any suggestions would be welcomed, provided they fit a few criteria:
> a) I won't be able to grow it myself
> b) Nuts are out due to an allergy
> c) It needs to be reasonably easy to get hold of
> Any suggestions much appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Oliver