Dear list,

Hawkins and, later, Hoyle both suggested mechanisms by which the 56 
Aubrey Hole circle at Stonehenge could be employed as an eclipse 
prediction device.

In attempting to explain the simpler of the two methods (Hoyle's) in 
the past, I've found it awkward to explain to non-astronomers how it 
could be operated. It has been my ambition for a number of years to 
create a visual representation that demonstrates the principle.

The forthcoming pair of eclipses in March/April 2015 (solar then 
lunar) offered me an opportunity to create a short animation of the 
basic moves of the various marker stones suggested by Hoyle.

For your consideration, here is the result of my labours:;id=11453;n=4001;p=1

The intermeshing of three gears, representing the solar, lunar and 
nodal cycles can indeed be approximated using the Aubrey Holes 
although the debate as to whether neolithic people intended this 
usage will continue to be a lively one.

If you view the animation, please do pay attention to the text 
written below it which points out some of the more obvious criticisms 
that can be levelled at the method.

This is my first post to the list, so I hope it won't be judged as off-topic.