I would be most grateful if you could pass this on to web designers who might be interested in tendering for the redesign  of our website.

Many thanks,


The Charles Darwin Correspondence Project is seeking tenders for the redesign of its website ( The Project is an independently-funded research group within the University of Cambridge; its primary purpose  is to make available the full texts of more than 15,000 letters written by or to the British naturalist and evolutionary theorist, Charles Darwin (1809-82), together with the contextual material necessary to make the letters accessible to both a scholarly and general audience.  The new site will require significant new development in particular of the resources for schools, and a new search interface.  Those interested in tendering will need to register with the InTend system, but this takes only a few moments.

The tender documents for the redesign of our website are now live at:
Dr Francis Neary
Editor, Darwin Correspondence Project
University Library, West Road
Cambridge, CB3 9DR, UK