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Each semester for the last few years I've been running a reading seminar
(level is upper undergrad/MA) on a Christian spiritual text. They've often
been from the  early church or medieval period, though not exclusively
(last year we did Gregory of Nyssa's Life of Moses and some Dietrich
Bonhoeffer). The seminar itself (eleven two-hour meetings) has usually been
fairly unstructured, but participation has been excellent. Naturally, there
are students who read the whole work and others who do only the assigned
readings, but they seem to find me scary and they usually all do at least
something and everyone contributes.

Among the most-requested works by students are Augustine's Confessions and
the Imitation of Christ. I wonder if anyone has experience or suggestions
about teaching these texts, or could direct me to teaching resources that
would be helpful.

I feel a bit intimidated by the density of the Confessions and wonder what
would be a good way to approach it in bite-size chunks, so to speak, or
what other strategy might work with it. I'd be most grateful to anyone who
has wisdom to share.

With the Imitation I feel somewhat the opposite: as a whole I find it
boring and repetitive, and wonder if it would sustain student interest and
discussion over a whole semester. At present I can only think of doing a
lot more input about late-medieval religion and spirituality and using the
Imitation to illustrate, and perhaps using Sheldrake's Spirituality and
History as a basis for critique. But maybe someone can suggest some
exciting way to approach it. I would be very grateful. -- Paul

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