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This new publication may be of interest to some. It is a special issue on “Deportation, Anxiety, Justice: New Ethnographic Perspectives”, edited by Heike Drotbohm and myself and forthcoming at the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies. It is now available online (as of 30th October 2014). Below you may find the table of contents with links to each article. 



Table of contents:

1. Introduction. Deportation, Anxiety, Justice: New Ethnographic Perspectives, by Heike Drotbohm and Ines Hasselberg 
(50 free full text downloads available here:

2. Balancing Legitimacy, Exceptionality and Accountability: On Foreign-national Offenders’ Reluctance to Engage in Anti-deportation Campaigns in the UK, by Ines Hasselberg 
(50 free full text downloads available here:

3. The Jewish State of Anxiety: Between moral obligation and fearism in the treatment of African asylum-seekers in Israel, by Barak Kalir 

4. The management of anxiety. An ethnographical outlook on self-mutilations in a French immigration detention center, by Nicholas Fischer 

5. 'We Deport Them but They Keep Coming Back': The Normalcy of Deportation in the Daily Life of 'Undocumented' Zimbabwean Migrant Workers in Botswana, by Treasa Galvin 

6. Deportation stigma and re-migration, by Liza Schuster and Nassim Majidi  

7. The Reversal of Migratory Family Lives: A Cape Verdean Perspective on Gender and Sociality Pre- and Post-Deportation, by Heike Drotbohm 

8. Deportation Studies: Origins, Themes, and Directions, by Susan Bibler Coutin 

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