Sounds right - it has far more to do with Anglican applications for 
faculty than with secular planning applications!  We've just had a 
faculty granted for a new plaque on the war memorial, conditional on 
the brass matching that already used. The problem is that the two 
existing plaques are of completely different looking copper-alloys and, 
as the suppliers point out, the new one will look different 30 years 
down the road!!



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I Googled the site and, if the account I found is correct, the 
perpetrator is an
Anglican vicar ......

Gill Alderman

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> To be completely nerdy about this, the sketch is (loosely) imitating 
Inspectors report from a public enquiry, the next step up from a local 
> Vince
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> On 06/11/2014 09:34, Cerridwen Connelly wrote:
>> Thanks Eve! Great find!
>> Methinks t'was designed by someone not best pleased with
>> Amesbury/Wilts Planning regs:-)
>> The Thomas Hardy link is worth a read too:-)
>> Hwyl,
> I've often thought about writing a planning application for 
> However, as the planning regulations only cover "substantial 
> constructions" and "Change of use",
> As it does not appear to serve any engineering function or purpose, 
as a
> landscape feature, wouldn't it come under "ornamental garden feature"
> which does not require planning consent?
> Mike
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