Do you realise how great an idea you are proposing?

What an amazing potential.

Think of how many out there who will jump at the chance for a measure of

Suppose you offer any contributor to provide a dvd disc with whatever she
wants on it along with a financial contribution.  The disc will be included
with what ever hardware will be needed and will be recovered by some future
archaeologist in about 5000 years.

A chamber deep in the chalk that will hold as much information as will fit
and set to open itself in the year 7014.  

Imagine how many wealthy persons will pay dearly to have their DNA included.

Suppose the world leaders manage to accomplish what they seem to be hell
bent on doing and we wind up back in the stone age.  A timecap will be most
welcome to our descendants 250 generations hence.

Look at what the Pharaohs invested to preserve their remains.  Who knows
what capabilities will exist in 5000 years?

John, this can raise millions, maybe hundreds of millions (billions?).

Rockhenge is the ideal spot.

Think about it and do it.

Maybe Cerri and Michael will help sell the idea.  It may even be time to get
in touch with Paul Barford.

Your idea is sensible and practical.  There is a company raking in millions
selling stars.  They send me offers that for $54 US they will name a star
after me ;)
Imagine that - a star named Orion.


At 12:22 PM 11/22/2014 +0000, you wrote:
>Here is a valid reason to plant a time capsule at Rockhenge next year. To
>commemorate the 250th anniversary of William Stukeley's death in 1765.
>On 22 Nov 2014 12:04, "John Wood" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> Cerri, of course to really kickstart such a project it would be ideal to
>> gain royal patronage. Prince Edward would probably be the most obvious
>> choice as he has dabbled in archaeology, is the Earl of Wessex and probably
>> looks good in a druidical gown.
>> On 22 Nov 2014 09:44, "Cerridwen Connelly" <
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>>> The Stonehenge timecap is a superb idea! If I hadn't reigned from the
>>> management committee several years ago I would bring it up at the next
>>> meeting. Could someone here contact the EH management chairman and suggest
>>> it go on the agenda?
>>> I vaguely recall this being discussed about a decade ago. Not sure if
>>> something was actually planted there or not.
>>> Hwyl,
>>> Cerri
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>>> Sent: Friday, November 21, 2014 10:41 PM
>>> Subject: Re: [BRITARCH] expensive Lunar Mission One
>>>  On 21/11/2014 22:28, John Wood wrote:
>>>>> Perhaps we could boldly go where no man has gone before, and make a mint
>>>>> for British archaeology too!
>>>>> I am sure loads of people would pay to have something personal put into
>>>>> a
>>>>> time capsule on the moon but I bet they would be equally compelled if
>>>>> instead one was buried under the centre of Rockhenge.
>>>>> As we all know if aliens are going to land anywhere, at anytime, in the
>>>>> future it is more than likely it will be at Rockhenge. Or at least it
>>>>> wouldn't be too difficult to make willing donors think such!

>>>>>At 10:41 PM 11/21/2014 +0000,Michael wrote:
>>>>>  That's an excellent idea.
>>>> Mike