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eAssessment Scotland 2014

Last chance to register!





Friday, 5th September


Dalhousie Building, University of Dundee







Only a week to go until the 6th eAssessment Scotland conference – the UK’s largest event dedicated to examining how technology can make a difference to how we assess our learners. Now, I realise that it’s short notice, especially if you’re based some distance from Dundee, but we promise a day of engaging keynotes and inspiring seminars & workshops that explore a range of assessment practice – everything from the analytics of assessment data (a lot more interesting and practical than it might sound) to the realistic uses you can put the voting systems that are gathering dust in a box somewhere (or are sitting in your learners’ pockets).


A sample of what’s on offer:


·         U101 Audio/Visual Feedback - Derek Jones, Open University

·         Interaction, Collaboration and Accessibility: Emerging Practices in Online Assessment - Navdeep Hundal, University of Sheffield

·         Open Badges in Open Education – Do They Count? - Martin Hawksey, Association for Learning Technology

·         My Portfolio Turned Out to Be More than Just an Assessment … - Libs Browne, University of York

·         Virtual Patients - Paul Chapman, Glasgow School of Art


And of course, the best part of the day – you! Or specifically the chance to get together with like-minded people … those interested in what eAssessment has to offer and who are willing to share what they know with each other.


The organising partners and presenters all volunteer their time and resources to bring you this free event, offering the opportunity to experience, meet and share without (hopefully) breaking the bank. We do thank all of our exhibitors taking part, without whom we really wouldn’t be run eAssessment Scotland.


So, if you can make it, we would love to see you there – tell your friends (bring your friends!)



Register now for eAssessment Scotland 2014


(and if you can’t make it to Dundee on the 5th, why not sign up for the Online Programme?)



This really is my last thing (I do tend to ramble a bit … sorry for that):


If you happen to be on the other side of the country, then I can also recommend ‘Digital Media Interaction and Inclusivity' at the University of Sussex on the 9th of September, organised by the inimitable David Walker.




Kenji Lamb



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