PrestoCentre is organising a hands-on workshop where teams will learn what
is involved in selecting the best long-term audiovisual storage solution. A
two-day event with practical advice on the assessment of long-term
audiovisual storage solutions as well as an overview of new developments
and storage trends. This Preservathon will take place in Turin (Italy) on
25 - 26 June 2014.

During the first day attendees will work together in small groups.
Activities include workshops, roleplaying, demonstrations, presentations,
writing and negotiation exercises (e.g. call for tender, SLA). The second
day is organised as a mini-conference with concise presentations and
demonstrations of the results and experiences from the first day. Including
presentations by Sony about their latest optical storage technology, Front
Porch Digital on their state of the art Media Asset Management solution and
other sessions related to research trends and technology watch.

This will be an excellent opportunity to discover the AV archiving
challenges and solutions of today and discuss research and technology with
a panel of experts.

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Looking forward to meeting you in Turin.

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