Delighted to let all our devoted followers - and everyone else - know that the latest edition of the journal Diversity & Equality in Health & Care - Issue 11,2, is now available online! If you or your institution have a subscription, enjoy! I'm afraid the publishers have to make their money somehow, so you can download individual articles for  $20 - but we shall ensure that at least some of the content will be made open access free to read, shortly (including the editorial).  

Diversity (& Equality) in Health & (Social) Care

DHSC Articles Index

DEHC 11,2 May 2014

Where have all the flowers gone? When will they ever learn?  (Editorial) 
pp. 95-98
Authors: McGee, Paula; Johnson, Mark R.D. 

Communication and equality in elderly care settings: perceptions of first- and second-generation immigrant and native Swedish healthcare workers 
pp. 99-111 
Authors: Olt, Helen; Jirwe, Maria; Saboonchi, Fredrik; Gerrish, Kate; Emami, Azita 

Managers' perspectives on promotion and professional development for black African nurses in the UK 
pp. 113-123
Authors: Likupe, Gloria; Baxter, Carol; Jogi, Mohamed; Archibong, Uduak 

Understanding mental health and experience of accessing services among African and African Caribbean Service users and carers in Birmingham, UK 
pp. 125-134
Authors: Rabiee, Fatemeh; Smith, Paula 

Black and South Asian women's experiences of breast cancer: a qualitative study 
pp. 135-149 
Authors: Patel, Geeta; Harcourt, Diana; Naqvi, Habib; Rumsey, Nichola 

Demonstrating cultural competence within health-visiting practice: working with refugee and asylum-seeking families 
pp. 151-159
Authors: Burchill, John; Pevalin, David J 

Patient misidentification and its ramifications (Practitioners Blog)
pp. 161-162
Authors: Dawood, Mary; Matthews, Wendy 

Did you see? 
pp. 163-164
Authors: Hordijk, Rowan; Suurmond, Jeanine 

pp. 165-168

Mark R D Johnson
Emeritus Professor of Diversity in Health & Social Care
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Mary Seacole Research Centre / CEEHD
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