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There are these on Dugong dugon, may be of some (limited) use!


There are also a few photos of the archaeological dugong remains from Akab Island in the Antiquity paper: http://antiquity.ac.uk/ant/083/ant0830696.htm

All the best, Hannah
*hoping someone has the legendary monograph!!*
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I agree with you Terry
"I would not be the only ones who would welcome a copy."
2014-04-02 9:42 GMT-03:00 Terry O'Connor <[log in to unmask]>:
There is a legendary monograph on sirenian morphology including a lot of osteology, written in the 1970s by an author named Kaiser or something close to that. I say legendary because this is zooarch oral tradition. I have never actually seen a copy nor encountered anyone who has! But if someone out there in Zooarchland has a copy, I'm sure Jacqui and I would not be the only ones who would welcome a copy.


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Thanks for the paper folk.
Also does anyone know of bone manuals for sirenia?   The dugong and manatees.
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I have an undergraduate who is writing her dissertation on mummies, and we cannot access this paper….so if anyone could help I would be grateful.
Harris, J.E. and Hussien, F. (1991) The identification of the Eighteenth Dynasty royal mummies; a biological perspective. In International Journal of Osteoarchaeology Volume 1 Issue 3 - 4 Sept - Dec 1991 pages 235 -239
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