Dear Zooarchers,

2014 sees the first of five seasons of investigations at an Iron Age (circa 500-300 BCE) town in northern Greece, led jointly by the University of Liverpool and the University of Michigan under the auspices of the British School at Rome. This is a new area for me and I would like to do some background reading to inform a research strategy for the faunal material. I am aware of quite a lot of work on earlier prehistoric (Neolithic Bronze Age) sites but am shamefully ignorant about Iron Age comparisons.


Id be very grateful if people could send me references or .pdf files relating to fauna at Iron Age (ie later first millennium BCE) sites in northern Greece and adjacent areas - Bulgaria, the Former Jugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Albania and other parts of Greece (and possibly western Anatolia). In the future, we will want to compare our results with Greek colonies around the Mediterranean and Black Sea, so early information on those would also be very helpful.


I am particularly interested in settlement sites as those seem to have received less attention than temples etc, but all types of site are relevant (including those that slightly predate or postdate 500-300BCE)


Very many thanks




Dr Sue Stallibrass

English Heritage Science Adviser for North West England
Department of Archaeology, ACE,
Hartley Building, Brownlow street,
University of Liverpool

L69 3GS