Hello, Gemmers, quick techie question –


I’m trying to make a part of our website that has a lot of downloadable resources more exciting and engrossing to use – at the moment there’s a load of slightly fuzzy jpeg ‘large thumbnails’ and links where you have to click to download if you really want to see what an item is (eg here).


I’d really like to find an embedded viewer where people can click or hover on an image in order to get an enlarged ‘pop-up’ view of the actual item, even flipping between pages, with an additional option to get a full download with an extra click.


Do any of you use such an approach with your own museum/education resources, etc?


I’ve been asked for an example from our comms manager, but despite being sure I’ve seen such things many times across the web, I can’t for the life of me think of anything to show him.


Many, many thanks for your advice,




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