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Dear all,

In Google Plus, I have learned, not every Hangout is an Event, not every
Hangout is a Hangout on Air, and not every Hangout on Air is a Hangout
on Air within an Event.  I unfortunately had to cancel the Event I
created yesterday and re-create it as a Hangout on Air within an Event.

I hope this reaches everyone who has already indicated they will attend,
and I apologize in advance for any confusion.

There is no limit (that I am aware) to the number of viewers on the
YouTube channel, so feel free to distribute the links to anyone you
think might be interested:

* the Google Hangout on Air event 

* video stream of the event on YouTube 


RDF Application Profile telecon - 2014-04-16 Wednesday, 9:00 EDT - *REVISED* AGENDA

This meeting will be held as a "Google Hangout on Air" to allow
screensharing with many viewers via a live video stream to YouTube.
YouTube viewers will be able to submit questions and participate in
discussion via IRC.  A few "active participants", such meeting chairs
and presenters, will be able to broadcast their voices directly on the
Hangout (see "Joining instructions" below).  The number of active
participants is limited by the Google Hangout platform.

Key links
* Agenda

* the "Google Hangout on Air" event 

* Watch the call on YouTube 

* Provide feedback and ask questions on the IRC channel #dcmi 

* Meeting notes will appear here 

Agenda topics

1. RDF Application Profile Task Group (Kai Eckert)
   Kai will briefly present a proposal for a Task Group charter.

2. Bibframe application profiles (Eric Miller)
   Eric will demo software created for Bibframe application profiles.

Joining instructions for active participants

Due to a limitation in in the Google Hangout platform, only ten "active
participants" can participate with audio (and video).  "Active
participants" should:

* have a Google Plus account 
* install the "hangout plugin" and test in advance that it works 
* join the hangout at 8:40 New York (14:40 Berlin) to test that it works.  
  A notification will arrive if Gmail or Google+ is open. 
  We will also send an email with a direct link to the hangout. 
  Just enter as soon as you get it so we can make sure everything works 
  ahead of time.

Tom Baker <[log in to unmask]>