My sympathies, Moaning Sally.


Casual means just that, casual.  And unfortunately it’s what happens sometimes.  The other side of the coin is that casual working is a flexible way of earning a living which suits many people.   This is its occasional downside and casual workers understand that.


I suggest though that you offer your casual team a goodwill payment of a token amount, making it clear that this situation was not of your making and also that you are not under any obligation to give them any recompense at all.  They will value their connection with you, and are unlikely to strike you off their Christmas Card list, but would appreciate a small gesture.


The school is at fault here, no-one else.  Maybe amend your schools agreement in future to say that fees for casual workers booked must be covered in full.  Write a formal letter of protest to the school head ccing your reply to their Director of Education and your Head of Museums.  That should do it.


Good luck for next time.





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