Dear Mark,

I think it depends on the questions that you hope to address; if a huge area has to be covered, and the people involved have to be paid for their contribution; expect a higher cost.
I would let you know how we recently developed a guideline on cognitive rehabilitation for Traumatic Brain Injury patients.
If there are similarities between this project and yours, you can think of cost effective ways of updating a guideline.

On our project there were about 15 researchers around the world who can be considered leaders in TBI cognitive rehabilitation.
We initially comprehensively searched for existing guidelines and selected all the available guidelines. Across the guidelines, there were similar recommendations found in more than one paper and some specific recommendations found only in one paper.

To make a long story short, we combined the recommendations (only if possible to do so) and the evidence (level of evidence) supporting the recommendation.
Then all the recommendations were categorised into somewhat broad but similar areas and those areas were allocated to researchers based on their preferences. They did the updates if necessary and took care of the recommendations until the process was completed.

About the cost; they had to pay the research officer (that was me) and a couple of people got an allowance that came from a grant. That was all. Other researchers were happy to contribute because that area (that they took responsibility in updating and formulating recommendations) was something they were enormously interested in. 

Anyway I have no idea about your subject area and do not wish to draw any parallels,  but in case you are running out of resources, this can be a creative way of obtaining valuable contribution.

Wish you all the best!


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Dear esteemed collegues
Can anyone give me some guidance on the cost of developing guidelines?
We are thinking of updating an existing guideline (2006) which would include up to 50 questions and with 28 members on the development team.
Thanking you in advance



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