The next call of the RDF Application Profile activity will be held this coming
Wednesday, March 19, at 10:00-11:00 (New York) / 15:00-16:00 (Berlin).

Eric Prud'hommeaux of W3C will present "Shape Expressions", a draft
specification designed to meet requirements similar to the Description Set
Profile constraint language.

Matthias Palmér of MetaSolutions (Sweden), a colleague of Mikael Nilsson, will
present a software environment, RDForms, for editing description set profiles.

Eric and Matthias want to present these materials via screensharing.
The Doodle poll [1] suggests we will have at least eighteen people on
the call, but we should anticipate that more than that may actually show
up.  On recent calls we have had surprisingly good results with Skype,
but with such high numbers, Skype would be risky, especially with

Matthias has offered to arrange a Google "hangout on air" -- a Google
Plus event with an associated hangout.  He will send out a URL to the 
event and people will be able to join once the meeting starts.

I understand there is a limit of ten people for the hangout and the rest
would have to join a broadcasted version on YouTube.   Matthias is
unsure whether people on YouTube can chat or not; if not, Matthias will
create a separate chat-room, for instance using hipchat.  Alternatively,
people will be able to post questions via a Q&A app.  If anyone has
practical suggestions in this regard, please post them here.

I have attached the first-draft agenda for the meeting below (see also
[2]) and will guest-chair the event.  This promises to be an exciting
event, but the agenda is ambitious and we should not get too rattled if
the technology does not work perfectly the first time.  If we run out of
time, we will learn from the experience and pick up the threads on the
following call.



== RDF Application Profile activity: 2014-03-19 call ==

==== This call ====
* - this agenda
* 2014-03-19 Wednesday, 10:00-11:00 Boston, 15:00-16:00 Berlin, as per [ Doodle poll]
* @@@ Joining instructions here

See also:
*                 - RDF Application Profile activity home page
* - 2014-02-19 call notes
* - 2014-01-20 call notes

=== "RDF Application Profile activity": organization and status ===

* Status as a DCMI Working Group (Tom)
* Mission (Kai)
* Working Group leadership (Kai)

=== "Shape Expressions" and Description Set Profile constraint language ===

Presenter: Eric Prud'hommeaux, W3C

* Shape Expressions: status of W3C activity
* Shape Expressions and DSP compared


=== Tool support for Description Set Profile constraint language ===

Presenter: Matthias Palmér,


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