Many thanks Sue,


Next question though is: where is moderated mark release date set? Is that closing date? Feedback? Can’t see anything called that…




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Students can moderate prior to the tutor mark being inserted. They will only be able to see their moderated mark after the release date. You might confuse the system if you put in a false mark then change it later!!




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Subject: Marks release and revisions w=via WebPA?
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We’ve got a really nice working installation with LTI in moodle now - thanks to list members for help in locating student guides.


I’ve had a (quick) look through to try and answer these basic questions and drawn a blank thus far - can anyone help?


Just a few questions to check:


1.       Do we need to have a put a mark in first before they can moderate them? (I assume yes?)

2.       Can students see marks immediately? (I assume no - though when the post date is is a little unclear)

3.       Could we put a mark of 65% against everyone for now (if a mark needs to be there) and then change later – assuming they can’t see it. It is just we wanted to moderate our marking across the four groups on Monday following a discussion. Or should we withhold access and allocating marks till Monday and then students moderate that. (I’ve no idea here)




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