We currently use ComputedIDs based on a hashed valued of of a unique 
identifier. We're in 2 minds over moving over to a StoredID. One one 
hand if we were to get a report of misuse from an SP where only EPTID 
and EPSA are released we currently have no obvious way of working out 
"whodunnit". On the other hand setting up a MySQL database just to do 
this does seem overkill, especially as you would either have to set it 
up multi-master if you have multiple IdP nodes or point all your IdPs at 
a single external DB server. FWIW we have implemented StoredIDs on our 
Test IdP with MySQL in a multi-master between them.

The EduPersonTargetedID appears to be calculated by some sort of hashing 
of a institutionally-provided unique ID, the entityID of the SP and a 
salt defined in the IdP config. It's probably pretty straightforward to 
write a function to do this "on-the-fly" providing you know how those 3 
are combined and the hashing algorithm used :-)

On 21/02/14 12:31, Dave Perry wrote:
> Hi John
> We setup our IdP 3 1/2 years ago and haven't gone down the 'store computed IDs' road. My guess is that is that it's just a different piece of work for the IdP to do, but it depends whether querying a database is quicker/less processor intensive.
> Dave
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> Subject: Calculating attributes on the fly or use local DB?
> Hello,
> I am new to using Shibboleth IdP (2.4), but we are setting up two new
> servers for our site. Most of the work has already been done (mostly by
> contractors, a little tweaking by us).
> We have an attribute (eduPersonTargetedID/persistentID) which requires a
> calculated value similar to the 'computedID' attribute. Currently this
> value is calculated when first required, but then stored in a local
> MySQL database. On subsequent requests for the attribute, the MySQL
> database is used to look up the value (or so I gather. I've still to
> work out how shibboleth actually stores and retrieves the value).
> My question though is, is it worth using a DB to store/lookup the value?
> Is there any advantage in using a local DB? Would it not be a simper
> configuration to just calculate the attribute value on the fly (the same
> as 'computedID')? This also then avoids us having to maintain the DB
> (removing old records etc etc).
> Thanks,
> John.
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