I had to explain that we really had no choice as records available for downloading would cease to be available in AACR2, a bit like the argument for moving from UKMARC to MARC21 all those years ago.

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Sorry, I'm re-sending this with the question in the subject field so that it's easier to follow.

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Thanks June

You mentioning needing the approval of Senior Management leads nicely into another question for our session this morning, which is Who was involved in the decision/preparation for implementing RDA? 
Did you have to 'justify' it to senior managers?

A few people have already mentioned that the cost of the toolkit has been a prohibitive factor, and this follows on from that a bit as well. 


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Good morning everyone.

At Wellcome we have been downloading RDA records for a while but haven't yet done any original cataloguing in RDA. Where records are available as either AACR2 or RDA we would take the RDA record but if the AACR2 one looks better we would take that instead. We don't convert AACR2 records to RDA.

I had planned to implement RDA fully this Spring but the preparation is proving to be quite overwhelming as we have so many other projects going on. I also have to get the approval of our Senior Management Team before anything can, officially, happen.


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