At the British Library 227 staff were trained in RDA and 951.3 staff
days were spent on this between 2012 and 2013 (equivalent to 4.5 FTE).
Targets for production were satisfied by mitigation strategies we put in
place, such as front loading certain types of material for processing
and the outsourcing of material to record suppliers. We also carried out
training on a rolling basis, rather than attempting to deliver it all at
the same time. For example, our authority control cataloguers received
training before our bibliographic cataloguers.




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Could I ask the possibly sensitive question as to how many staff/much
staff time people are devoting to RDA?  We're finding it difficult to do
alongside out day jobs as it were, and there are just two of us tackling
it at the moment. I'd be interested to hear what's happening elsewhere. 







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