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We’re still here! We’ve been following the whole day’s discussion and the various issues that have come up have sparked off impromptu mini-meetings which have been extremely useful.  We haven’t adopted RDA yet, but are in the thick of trying to get our heads around it and planning training, LMS configuration etc., so this is how it’s greatly impacting on our productivity at the moment, since like most other people we are trying to do our day jobs as well.  When we actually start cataloguing in RDA I foresee things being a bit slow at first, but I’m optimistic that people will soon get the hang of it.  I think a big problem for us will be getting the LMS configured, and we’re still trying to sort out FRBRisation issues.


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Thanks Katrina


We’ve not found that dealing with RDA in copy cataloguing is having an impact on our productivity.

I’m expecting us to take a bit of a hit when we start scratch cataloguing in RDA, but our senior management have been understanding about that so I’m not too concerned.  Although I’m expecting a temporary drop in productivity, I’m hoping it will be very short term.

I’d be really interested to hear from people who are a step ahead of us on how your productivity has been affected.




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Good afternoon everyone,


Thanks to everyone for the discussion this morning. We hope everyone’s finding the discussion interesting. If you’re just catching up, it’s fine to continue any discussion points from then or anything else that has come to mind. As ever, if you’re changing the topic, please change the subject line.


This afternoon we’re starting off by considering workloads/productivity?


Has adopting RDA had an impact on your productivity? If so, has this lessened as you go further? For those of you still planning, is this a major concern you have or are you just accepting it?




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