Since most of our RDA experience has been with imported records needing minimal changes this has not been too much of a factor.  However, the amount of time I've been spending on policy and preparing work manuals has been pretty extensive.  The only thing that has saved us is a smaller than usual number of items to catalogue in recent months and by continuing to produce AACR2 records for many items.




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I am not concerned about a drop in productivity once we are in the full swing of cataloguing in RDA – most reports I’ve heard suggest that this is not the case - but I am concerned about the drop in productivity while I’m planning and training.




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Good afternoon everyone,


Thanks to everyone for the discussion this morning. We hope everyone’s finding the discussion interesting. If you’re just catching up, it’s fine to continue any discussion points from then or anything else that has come to mind. As ever, if you’re changing the topic, please change the subject line.


This afternoon we’re starting off by considering workloads/productivity?


Has adopting RDA had an impact on your productivity? If so, has this lessened as you go further? For those of you still planning, is this a major concern you have or are you just accepting it?




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