Good afternoon and welcome back to the discussion on adopting RDA where we’re turning our thoughts to training.


If you’re just catching up with the morning discussion (and thank you to all those who have already contributed), then feel free to continue to reply to any messages.


As with the morning session, we’ll have some prompts to direct the discussion, but please post anything you think is relevant.  If you're posting about something new, then please give your subject header a relevant title so that those participating can keep track of conversations more easily.


A reminder that if you’re replying to messages and want them to post to the list, then hit ‘Reply to all’ rather than just ‘Reply’ as that’ll go only to the sender of the message and not the whole list.


To start this session, I’d like to start by asking


How did you approach/are you approaching training? – this can be for those in your team, or as touched upon this morning, for those who don’t catalogue directly but still might be affected.




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