Good morning,


Thanks Helen. I'm Thurstan Young, a Metadata Standards Analyst at the
British Library. I've been involved with RDA for the last five years,
previously as the Library's RDA Implementation Project Coordinator. I
also served as Secretary to the Joint Steering Committee on RDA between
2009 and 2012. I look forward to the next two days of discussion.


Best regards,




Thurstan Young,


Metadata Standards Analyst,

Metadata Standards,

Building 6, Floor 1,

British Library,

Boston Spa,


West Yorkshire,

LS23 7BQ


Tel.: 01937 546213



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Good morning and welcome to the CIG e-forum on adopting and working with
RDA.  I'll be co-moderating along with Thurstan Young from the British
Library, and Katrina Clifford from Kingston University and we'll be here
between 10am and 4pm over the next couple of days.  We're delighted to
have a number of people signed up to the e-forum and are looking forward
to sharing knowledge, experience and questions as we consider the
following topics:  


Monday morning: Planning and preparation

Monday afternoon: Training

Tuesday morning: Policy

Tuesday afternoon: Productivity/workflows and summary. 


This will help give some direction to our discussions but they aren't
set in stone, so don't feel you can't post something you wanted to talk
about if you are only around at a particular time of day.  If you're
posting about something new, then please give your subject header a
relevant title so that those participating can keep track of
conversations more easily.   We'll have a lunchbreak between 12.30 and
2, but please feel free to keep posting over this time as well.  


On a practical note it might be worth me mentioning at the start of the
day that messages sometimes take a little while to appear on JISCmail
lists, so if your message doesn't appear straight away then please don't
worry or re-send.  We're not moderating the list, so it will get


So, to kick us off for today, please feel free to introduce yourselves
to the list and let us know where you are up to with your RDA
implementation or plans.  Have you moved to RDA yet, and if so, when?
If not, do you have a date in mind when you are planning to move to RDA?
And are there people who aren't planning to move to RDA at all?  




Helen Williams

Assistant Librarian, Bibliographic Services


LSE Library Services

The London School of Economics and Political Science

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