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We've been using RDA since June 2012, applying it in all original cataloguing, and accepting RDA records for downloads where they are available. We do, of course, still accept AACR2 records if no RDA equivalent is to hand; we decided not to spend time editing perfectly good AACR2 records to RDA - we wouldn't have had the time.  

Some of the decisions we made about which elements of RDA to adopt were largely dependent on what our LMS was capable of handling, e.g. as the GMD no longer displays in our catalogue, we no longer include it; record formats, e.g. book, electronic resource, CD-ROM, etc are displayed using other codes in the MARC record.  

Looking forward to the discussions.


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Could I ask the possibly sensitive question as to how many staff/much staff time people are devoting to RDA?  We're finding it difficult to do alongside out day jobs as it were, and there are just two of us tackling it at the moment. I'd be interested to hear what's happening elsewhere. 







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