To pick up on what Helen said, e-resources etc... are what comes in from our supplier so probably aren't RDA.

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To answer my own question, I've been working at the London School of Economics for the last 8 years now, and have been a CIG committee member since 2009.  I've co-moderated on the previous 2 CIG RDA e-forums and am looking forward to being involved with our discussions today.

I'm leading the RDA implementation for LSE which is currently in progress.
Since February 2013 we have been accepting RDA records both from our vendors and from OCLC downloaded records for copy cataloguing.  We are mid-preparation for introducing RDA scratch cataloguing.  Our internal documentation is written, and training materials are currently being prepared in order for us to roll out training and we have a go-live date for monograph cataloguing of 1st April 2014.
We currently hope to go live with RDA serials, e-books, e-resources and DVD cataloguing in May/June, but I have yet to write our internal documentation for those!


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