Hello all,
We are really pleased to give you an update on our ‘No to FE Fees campaign’.

Following a recent meeting with Vince Cable, Business Secretary we understand that government are seriously considering entirely scrapping 24+ Advanced Learner Loans for apprentices. You can see the FE Week write up here
This is a hugely positive development, and owes a great deal to all of the incredible work that students’ unions right up and down the country have undertaken over the last two years. Since achieving [feweek.co.uk/2012/07/12/hayes-announces-concessions-on-24-advanced-learning-loans/]significant concessions on the original proposals for FE Fees the ‘No to FE fees’ campaign has particularly focused on the apprenticeships aspect, so this really is a credit to your work.
The fact that government are considering such a major concession so soon into the introduction of the system shows what we have all always said – the system was not only appalling in taking opportunities away from many of the least advantaged, it also doesn’t make any economic sense. Like so many of the government’s policies, it is the pursuit of ideology at the expense of any basic common sense, as well as being vicious in terms of it’s impact on the poorest in our society.
We all need to keep arguing ‘no to FE fees’, for apprenticeships and indeed against the entire system until it is scrapped. We will circulate information as soon as we have it including next steps for the campaign, and it will be really important that we strongly make the case for getting rid of the system as a matter of priority.
For now, please tweet at Vince Cable – we’ve drafted some possible tweets as below:
It isn’t right to ask people to pay to work - the entire FE fees system should be scrapped @vincecable #no2fefees http://feweek.co.uk/2013/12/12/apprenticeship-loans-in-line-for-chop/
You can’t ask adults to take out £4k loans in order to work @vincecable – scrap the FE fees system today #no2fefees http://feweek.co.uk/2013/12/12/apprenticeship-loans-in-line-for-chop/
#no2fefees for apprentices, and for all learners – people deserve the right to study or train later on in life http://feweek.co.uk/2013/12/12/apprenticeship-loans-in-line-for-chop/

Congratulations on all your work so far, and let’s keep fighting!
In unity,
Toni and Joe

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