Thanks John - this is amazingly useful. There's so much in here & I'm really glad to see ALTO continuing.


David Kernohan, eLearning Innovation Team, Jisc
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Subject: OER / Open Ed European Policy Developments and Resources

Dear OER Colleagues

Here is a collection of resources about OER / Open Ed Policy Developments and awareness raising that I hope you may find useful and pass on. It is from an Arts and Design Higher Education perspective, but much of it is applicable generally, and is very much informed by the involvement of the authors in a series of Open Education projects funded by the JISC an the HEA in the UK (ALTO, ALTO UK,& ONCE)

Earlier this year the European Commission asked for vision papers as a part of the run-up to the launch of EU Open Education. Submissions were asked to cover the 3 strategic areas of:

  *   Lifelong Learning
  *   School Education
  *   Higher Education
You can find the collections of vision papers and more information about the forthcoming EO Open Education initiative at this web page:

Colleagues at University of the Arts London were involved in writing a vision paper for higher education in the art college sector together with colleagues from:

  *   Coventry University, School of Art & Design, Department of Media
  *   Open University of the Netherlands
Our paper drew on the very useful information and discussions aired in this list and the open ed community and and from our own recent experiences. Our paper is called Re-imagining the University: Open Art Education in the 21st century and can be found starting at page 83 in the HE collection at the above link. A direct link to the paper in the University of the Arts London OER blog can be found at this link<>, we found the exercise of collecting, reflecting and  synthesising ideas for the future really useful. There is some useful stuff in there I think, especially the OECD data about HE expansion over the last decade or so (and the implied importance of public funding in the future). In that connection I would recommend Section 2 entitled:

"Public Good and Public Goods: The Emerging Political Economy of Open Education - a foundation for the future"

This provides (I hope) some useful information and analysis and background to current trends that I have found to be handy to give to people who are new to the Open Ed scene - we still meet many, many people in mainstream HE in the UK and elsewhere who are unaware of these developments - it it is easy to forget how insular mainstream HE can be!

Our paper was partly a result of a small OER project ONCE (funded by the UK Higher Education Academy) that examined the policy and bushiness implications for institutional adoption of Open Ed practice (in our case joining the OCWC - still a work in progress) and the report (CC-BY) from the project can be found at this link<>. Colleagues on this list might find this useful when looking at policy development in their institutions (especially in the current tight financial climate). Another output from this project that members of this list might find useful is a workshop pack for helping institutions develop policy in this area (hopefully useful to 'activists' inside HE and those in management roles who want to connect Open Ed with institutional strategy development). You can find find the workshop pack in the University of the Arts London OER repository at this link (CC-BY)

Finally, we have put together a 'crash course' for those new to Open Ed and MOOCs in a blog post on the UAL OPen Ed blog at this link

Best Wishes


John Casey

Centre for Learning Teaching in Art and Design

University of the Arts London


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