Below is the roster of the sessions and speakers for Society for the History of Discoveries Annual Meeting in Tamp, Florida USA, beginning with the opening reception on 31 October 2013.


For those undecided about attending this year, the list of speakers may well entice you to register.  See  for meeting details and registration procedures.


Provisional Program Schedule – SHD 2013 in Tampa

FRIDAY 1 November 2013


Welcome & Opening Remarks 9:00-9:10 (SHD-President Ron Fritze + Local Organizer C.J. Roberts)


Session I (9:10-10:20): First Encounters with Florida


Is North America REALLY pictured on the Waldseemüller World Map of 1507?

MILANICH, Gerald:                                                                                                                                                                        Early Encounters by European Explorers with Native Americans in Florida

Coffee/Tea Break 10:20-10:35


Session II (10:35-11:45): Bahamas & West Indies at around 1500

BLICK, Jeffrey:

The Case for San Salvador as the Site of the 1492 Columbus Landfall

GASPAR, Joaquim:

The representation of the Western Indies in the early Iberian cartography: a cartometric approach


Lunch 11:50-13:00


Session III (13:00-14:10): Morocco in Travel Writing

BECK, Lauren:

A Moroccan Ambassador’s Travelogue in Spain (1690-91) and Its Legacy


Love Letters and Lesser Beings: Travel Accounts of French and Moroccan Diplomats during the Ancien Régime


Session IV (14:10-15:20): Early European Perceptions of America’s Land and People


Exploring the Manuscript Cartography of Florida and its connection to Exploration and Settlement


Alterity and Allegory: Cannibalism, Early Maps and European Conceptions of Amerindian Civility


Coffee/Tea Break 15:20-15:40


Session V (15:40-16:50): Latin America Cartography  in 18th and 19th Centuries

ALTIC, Mirela (Croatia):

Missionary Cartography of the Amazon after the Treaty of Madrid (1750)

DELIZ, Michael:

The Digital Reconstruction of El Mapa Militar de Puerto Rico: An Analysis of the Spanish Military Topographic Project in Puerto Rico, 1872-1897


SHD Annual Business Meeting   17:00-17:45



Annual Dinner & Keynote Address (Introduced by Rodney Kite-Powell):

FRANCIS, J. Michael:  Colonial Martyrs: Franciscans, Indians, and the Spiritual Conquest of Florida


SATURDAY 2 November 2013


Session VI  & Essay Contest Winner (9:00-10:45): Towards all Corners of the Globe

EDNEY, Matthew:                                                                                                                                                                            The Transatlantic Circulation of Geographical Maps before 1763

SKURNIK, Johanna:

Circulating exploration knowledge: tracing the discussion of the interior of Australia in the 1840s

Winner of Essay Contest

To be confirmed              MARCOTTE, Josh:                                                                                                                        Culture, Contact and the Agency of Appropriation in a 1741 Map of Nagasaki


Coffee/Tea Break 10:45-11:00


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