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Family Fortunes

A Kids in Museums Workshop


Manchester Art Gallery

Wednesday 18th September 2013

10:15 - 15:30


This September our speakers include Ginevra from the Audience Agency
discussing with us what families look like now, activity facilitators from
Manchester Art Galleries showing us how the galleries are adapted to family
groups and Jeremy from the Fathers Institute telling us why it's important
not to forget the Dads. The day is jammed pack with speakers, discussions,
workshops and activities designed to help you make real developments and
changes towards a truly family friendly venue.


Remember this is not just for the education team but is relevant to all
staff from front of house to marketing. To find out more or to book head to
our website


"This is the most useful training event on learning, families and education
in museums that I've ever been on."

"It's made me question what a 'family' is and how I can better support

"Made me feel inspired to make new changes"


Book here at


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