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Have you been in contact with Brian Hoggard, who is researching this 
whole area?

Kind regards


On 05/08/2013 04:28, Ian Evans wrote:
> Dear BritArchers,
> This is to ask if any of you have encountered examples of the foundation
> sacrifice of animals.
> I ask because I have been informed very reliably of the presence of the
> bones of a cat beneath the stone front wall of an 1850 cottage in country
> Victoria.
> The find may be related to the building trade practice of concealing cats,
> garments and shoes in voids within houses and other buildings. But it
> differs in that this animal was placed in the trench before the foundation
> stones were laid.
> I think it is remarkable that such an ancient ritual survived until 1850
> and that it travelled around the world to provide protection to the
> occupants of a small house in the country.
> I&#8217;m not yet aware of other examples of such sacrifices in Australia but
> would be very interested to hear if similar finds have been made in the UK.
> Ian Evans
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