Oxford OLIS does not display or index 33X fields in our SOLO (Primo)
user-facing system, but we are currently using some elements to generate
pseudo-GMDs in SOLO for RDA records.  The Primo icons do not do exactly
the same job as the GMD and it might be misleading for users to see, for
example, our older records for electronic resources with '[electronic
resource]' and our newer ones without.
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From: Bibliographic standards in UK libraries on behalf of John McManus
Sent: Fri 21/06/2013 13:13
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Subject: 336, 337, 338

Dear colleagues,

Now that RDA cataloguing has begun in earnest I would like to ask if
anyone has managed to make use of the new 3xx fields in any practical
way - anecdotal evidence would suggest that everyone is suppressing them
for the moment.

Are you indexing the terms? Are you using them to enhance the display of
search results? We have neither indexed them nor found a way to exploit
the greater specificity in terms of the display of icons/formats in our
catalogue, although in truth we haven't tried too hard as our focus at
the moment is on learning how to catalogue correctly according to RDA.
I'd be interested to hear your thoughts, especially given that the
abandonment of the GMD caused such consternation amongst (some)


John McManus
Assistant Librarian
Bibliographic Data Management
Trinity College Library