I’ve just joined the RfPB grant committee in the North West, I know Chris H was on this before me don’t know if other LD practitioners/academics are on similar committees who can identify what the issues are here?




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Well, I for one have submitted two projects to bits of NIHR in the last year or so (RfPB and HTA) – both got very good referee comments, neither were small scale and neither got funding.


We get the impression that NIHR feels people with learning disabilities are just not valuable enough.


Glynis Murphy


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I have attended HSDR (formerly SDO) sessions and I can honestly say that they have again and again highlighted that they would love to see more proposals in the LD field but that the few they receive are usually small scale and unfundable. It seems a problem of scale and robust methods rather than an unwillingness of the NIHR to fund.

Best wishes


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Dear All


Please take 5 mins to complete the survey below.


SSCR is funding 10  different projects in learning disabilities, which is completely fantastic – the rest of NIHR funds very very little in LD, despite having far more money than the tiny amount in SSCR.


And NIHR constantly forgets to put SSCR on its lists, even though its a school of NIHR.


Give 'em hell please!


Glynis Murphy

Tizard Centre



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