Hi Ellen,

Yes, we normally have the wiki locked down so accounts can only be 
created by admins and edits can't be made without a confirmed account. 
(This is to protect from spam: in the few hours on Thursday that our 
settings were reset by the upgrade process, 27 robots created spam 
accounts and started to play havoc with the wiki; in in the few hours on 
Friday before I noticed unregistered people were still able to edit 
pages, we received some dozens more spam edits.) For the record, I 
deleted all edits between Wednesday and Friday, except for your edit to 
the LAWDI page. (If anyone else made any legitimate edits in this time, 
I probably missed them and they got killed. Sorry.)

The site now seems to be functioning as before. Anyone who wants an 
account need only contact myself or Simon and we'll set you up with one. 
I'll contact you off-list, Ellen, with details.

Please consider the lock-down over. Apologies for it lasting a couple 
days longer than I had anticipated.



On 15/06/2013 14:44, ellen van keer wrote:
> Hello Gaby,
> Great wiki-work!
> If that's OK, could I added "Glypcol" as a project? It seems I need a
> login to do this - strange because I think I added our websites on
> friday without that? Have you installed the page attachments extension
> on the wiki? Perhaps I could a 3D pdf of one of our seals - some
> hellenistic example.
> Best regards,
> Ellen
> On Wed, Jun 12, 2013 at 12:01 PM, Gabriel Bodard
> <[log in to unmask] <mailto:[log in to unmask]>> wrote:
>     Dear all,
>     The Digital Classicist wiki is locked down for editing today due to
>     essential system upgrades. You should not attempt to edit any pages
>     in the wiki today (Wednesday June 12) until further notice; anything
>     you do add or change in the wiki is likely to be lost.
>     This upgrade will hopefully mean that several long-standing problems
>     with the MediaWiki install will be resolved, including: our
>     inability to restore passwords for anyone whose email address has
>     changed since they signed up; unability to install MW updates or
>     plugins since 2007; no access to the admin interface for the wiki.
>     (Sadly it won't result in the rather crappy design being fixed right
>     away, but if anyone would like to volunteer to work on that, I would
>     repay them in boundless gratitude and beer. :-) )
>     Best,
>     Gabby
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