Dear DTI experts.

First off I'm relatively new in this field so please bear with me.

We are in the progress of setting up a DTI-study. I'm working together with the local MRI researchers/technicians to set up the protocol but was hoping to get some input from the community on the requirements for a proper set up. We recently had a Siemens 3T Skyra scanner installed but there were some problems associated with the DTI sequence (RESOLVE) so it was abandoned in favour of same sequence on the Siemens 3T Trio scanner.

For the DTI scan the patients will be sedated and we would likely be allowed up to 20-25 minutes for the scan.

Given the time available and generally what would you say is the minimum (and ideal) requirements for:

voxel size?
Number of B0?

I read another recent thread on a similar subject (related to Skyra) where someone was recommended to check out the “C2P route for the multi-band accelerated EPI sequence” (
Would this be a preferable sequence over RESOLVE (if anyone has experience with both)?