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Dear David, Kathleen & Anne,


Just to add to Ed's response I agreed with ALCL that I would continue to represent London after my retirement until they had identified a successor.

With the gap in meetings following Ed's retirement from the BL that process went on hold until we saw what the future held but I wrote to ALCL earlier this week updating them and indicating that I was happy to continue as a Trustee etc for the immediate future but asking that they should resume the process of identifying my successor.


Prior to my retirement I also arrranged for the London & SE holdings database to be hosted by the City of London. Access was via the Guildhall Library pages of the City's website. Since then the website has been extensively rewritten & I couldn't immediately find the database when I looked earlier today so I've e-mailed one of my former colleagues to confirm the current position & will let you know once I've received a reply.


Hope that's some help.




Barry Cropper



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